Friday, December 22, 2006

Time for Christmas

Well, after five days with no power, we're back. (Actually, we got power back late Tuesday, but last night another transformer blew and so I shut everything down, except my laptop and prepared to pack for our Christmas trip in the dark.)

We are lucky. The power stayed on, the work is done, clients are happy, and I can finally read the Elizabeth George novel that has been mocking me for a month. Plus, I'm reading 13 Ways of Looking At the Novel by Jane Smiley and loving it. And I bought the entire series of Janet Evanovich's Stephanie Plum Mysteries to read in 2007. They are a great light, easy read, but JE is pure genius.

On the list for January 2007 is revising two web sites for a grand re-opening, working on the new novel (the current novel is still stuck at 98%, but it will be done over Christmas), and writing more and more for clients and for myself. A great New Year's resolution!

Speaking of New Year's, I know I'm early, but anyone care to share their New Year's resolves with this blog?

Share away. I'll be checking in from our vacation periodically.

Merry Christmas!

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