Thursday, January 26, 2006

Sue Them All?

That was fast.

How to get your money back, and more, from Frey

I think this is dumb. If this were to win, I think I'm going to take movie and television studios to court for wasting half my lifetime with their offerings (Beauty and the Geek? Ashton Kutcher, I'm coming for YOU!).

This is when you realize that Frey, really, was just following the audience. Sara Nelson of Publisher's Weekly for January 16 made the same point. If we, as readers, watchers, and participants of media entertainment (of which Frey was a HUGE part) don't start getting pickier and demanding more of our entertainers, why expect so much?

That point can be construed as supporting this lawsuit. Absolutely not.

I took one glance inside Frey's book. It was badly written, even on the first page. It was way too emotional too. I knew, from that quick glance, I was not interested.

If those people bought and read the entire book, that's their fault. Not Frey's. Refunds yes, compensation for time spent reading, c'mon, grow up.


sand said...

I read the whole book before The Oprah told anyone about it and liked it. I didnt really care if it was a memoir or fiction. I actually liked the crazy writing, it was part of the - well, the "part" of the author. But i'm not a stickler for grammar (as I'm horrible at it myself).

I am interested and quite suprised that both are retracting their initial comments... who knew it would get this big.

finnlove said...

Dude, sand. You read it because I sent it to you and told you to read it. hahahaha Get your facts straight. Don't lie, like Frey! hahahaha